This testimony came in from a lovely lady we helped to conceive in 2003.  She had been trying to conceive again since 2011 and had miscarried immediately a few times.  We suggested Female Hormone Balance beginning in at CD1 and Cycle Balance Natural Progesterone Cream after ovulation.  After her first cycle on Female Hormone Balance (and not having changed anything else) and Cycle Balance Cream since ovulation she had a strong pink line at day 26, 27, 28 and beyond with hCG blood work taking and all levels doubling continually.   This is what excites us.
They had their baby daughter in December 2012
Dearest Brenda,
Looks like Female Hormone Balance worked for me,. Thank you so much!
It is the shortest cycle ever in my whole life.  I started getting the LH surge at day 11, decent amount of CM, lots of ovulation pain accompanied.  I ovulated on CD 13, implantation appears to have happened on 6dpo. See chart:   (Chart not available for obvious reasons.)
For the first time ever, I am also nauseous. In none of my miscarriage pregnancies, nausea was prominent.
I am now using NPC twice a day!     Can’t thank you enough!

Here is a testimonial from M Kelly in Georgia.  We suggested she begin with testing her hormones and then finding out that they were imbalanced, no surprise, we went from there.  She only used Female Hormone Balance for 2 months total and the progesterone cream until 1 month before she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl on April 8th 2013.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the people at Whole Family Products. Brenda has been very helpful in assisting me with my concerns as well as Elizabeth who helped me in the very beginning and opened up the dialog for me to be able to ask questions. I came to them after trying to conceive for almost a year with no success. Even though the doctors told me that my chances of conceiving naturally were less than 10%, I tried to keep my faith alive. For the most part my fertility issues were unexplained. I had a low AMH and I have a blood disorder called MTHFR where my blood clots easily, but the doctors said that it had nothing to do with my inability to conceive or my past miscarriages. I tried everything and took every pill on the market.

It was recommended for me to take a hormone test to check my levels, where I had my testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone levels checked (ZRT test). Much to my surprise, my testosterone was high, which is probably the main reason for me not being able to conceive.

Brenda suggested I start doing the Natural Progesterone Cream to help balance my levels out.  She also suggested that I also do the NPC Shutdown. I tried everything she suggested (which included the Female Hormone Balance for 2 cycles – She got pregnant that cycle.). I got an ovulation kit (Fertility Tracker) and checked it regularly, I cleaned up my diet, started acupuncture once a week for about 6 months and here I am almost a year after I first contacted them and almost 8 months pregnant. I now know that there is hope even when we feel like we are all alone in our infertility journey. Brenda has been like a part of my family even though I have never met her in person. She truly cares for people like us and genuinely wants to help us achieve our ultimate goal of being mommies. I am forever blessed that our lives crossed and truly believe that it is because of her and her suggestions that I am going to have this beautiful baby girl. (Eliana)

Thanks more than I can say!”  Martha

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